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About Accounting

The world, as we know, is changing its interests towards more economic friendly sectors. According to one of the research of Sage works have shown that the fastest growing industries in the world are Accounting related services which are more profitable nowadays. People from different fields are enrolling in the accounting industry as it is now considered as the long term useful field of work. Jobs in this industry include accounting, payroll services, bookkeeping and VAT and tax preparations.

It is necessary to learn about accounting if you are opting for any business setup. Accounting has the capability of ensuring statutory compliance and helps in providing investors. It also helps you in better understanding of the profit and loss balance sheet also it assists you in knowing the income and expenditures. By the help of accountancy, one can have a clear picture in making business decisions.

Job Role of an Accountant

Accounting has an essential role in professional life. An accountant can take the best financial decisions for the firm he's working in, in business and for an individual but with one particular goal in mind; to generate more profit. He works with the inventory, cash flow, expenses, balance sheet, profit and loss consideration and much more. They ensure that the company is going in the right direction in financial terms and that the risk of loss is to be minimized. An accountant aim is to provide financial advice to the clients that vary from international level organization to small scale enterprises and individuals.

Some major duties of accounts include

  • Analyzing financial data
  • Making financial reports
  • Accessing financial records
  • Budgeting
  • Tax returning
  • Accounting records

Importance of Accounting

For generating more profit out of your business, one needs to have all the documents, calculations, results and analyzed reports without any errors preserved in. All the accurate information about assets, debts and liabilities need to be recorded. It can only be done efficiently by an accountant, which is the reason why accounting is necessary for job life. Accounting information plays a vital role in managing the quantitative financial activities of any firm.

Key Skills Required for an Accountant

  • Business interest
  • Self-motivation
  • Proficiency in IT
  • Know market trends
  • Conflict resolution
  • Risk analysis and minimizing
  • High-level numeracy

Accounts Training in UK

The accounting field is open for all at all ages but more broadly for school leavers and graduates. The accounting field is open for all at all ages but more broadly for school leavers and graduates. But in the UK three main routes are leading towards the world of Accounting

  1. ACA (Associate Charted Accounted); it has highest demand in the market
  2. CIMA (Charted Institute of Management Accountant)
  3. ACCA (Associate Chartered Certified Accountant)

Three of these are globally recognized and approved routes.

In the UK, accounting training is an excellent way to fuel up professional skills for the career. Either you are an accountant degree holder or planning to reroute your job, the accountancy training provides you with a full-fledge understanding of accounts and finance management. Accounting training polishes your prevailing technical skills and teaches individuals how to deal with account duties efficiently and effectively. In these trainings, students will get to know more about how the accountancy is related to enterprise, and how does it affect business operations?

Accounts Training Provided by Simply Accounting Training

Account preparation is a fundamental need to continue or even start anew accounting career. Simply Accounting Training is one of England's top leading training providers with increasing origins in London, Birmingham, and Harrow. We are here to assist our motivated applicants from all neighboring areas.

We work on following computer software:

  • Sage 2017 v24
  • XERO
  • Quickbooks
  • Excel

We are here to provide practical accounting training on;

  • VAT training
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payrolls
  • Management accounts
  • Accounts assistance
  • Final reports
  • Customized training
  • Audit training
  • CIS training

Why Choose Simply Accounting Training?

  • Guaranteed work placement
  • Hands-on practical training
  • Industry certified trainers
  • Outstanding student support
  • Flexible finance options
  • In-demand software training
  • Real client scenario
  • In-house recruitment team
  • Fully adjustable structure
  • CPD approved training

Benefits of the Training

Not only do we provide accounting abilities, but we also assist you in delivering high-class services with placement possibilities as an additional benefit supplier. Following are the benefits you will gain after the completion of our course. We ensure that the enrolled candidates get full benefits from our training courses.

1. Employment Opportunities:

As all the business stabilities require professionalism in accounting, thus taking this training helps you in enhancing your employment prospects

2. Job Security:

Regardless of technological development, the massive demand for qualified accountants and financial experts will always be enormous and continuous. This career can be considered as a safe career in job life.

3. Self-employment:

One of the best benefit taken out after intensively studying Accounting is that one can startup their own business from scratch planning all the best setup required at times.

4. Enhanced Potentials:

Taking these courses to enhance one’s skills, not only related to finance but also interpersonal and communication abilities to do any job.

5. Placement opportunity:

We ensure that our Recruitment Company helps you with job hunting after training. Also, we provide a chance as a work placement to the trainees to work with one of our offices or at our external client’s office.

6. Certification:

We provide certification from a certified Accounting firm that is approved from CPD, Accountancy Practice Certificate, IAB certificate and XERO Advisor Certificate. All the certificates are recognized and recruiters favors the authorized trainees hand in hand.

7. Post-Training Opportunities:

We provide specialized one to one training session for building a CV, interview preparations and job searching tips. Also, our experts are here to provide free support and advice to the trainees once they get trained.

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