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How to Become Purchase Ledger Clerk

What is a purchase ledger?

The purchase ledger is a sub-ledger which records all the purchasing transactions. It is an essential part of the accounting department. It also keeps a track record of the company's spending with its suppliers. The purchasing ledger also reveals which purchases are being paid and how many of them are still pending. It is often referred to as "Accounts Payable" or "Supplier Accounts" in the accounting field.

Who is a purchase ledger clerk?

Purchase ledger clerk is responsible for the entire purchase ledger process, including tasks from purchasing orders to invoices and audit. They report directly to the Financial Controller or Accountant. They provide professional services to the finance teams by ensuring the company's financial stability through their comprehensive processes and systems.

They also track the purchase payments at all times by overseeing the company's spending and provide the Finance Director with correct financial information. The Purchase Ledger Clerk would usually work as part of the finance team, although in a smaller organization they can work independently.

What are a purchase ledger clerk's duties?

Following mentioned are the primary duties of a purchase ledger clerk:

  • Matching, checking and coding invoices
  • Developing VAT payments
  • Making payments by BACS and cheques
  • Handling staff expenditures
  • Establishing new accounts for suppliers and maintain existing payment details
  • Reconciling the claims of suppliers
  • Filing invoices
  • Managing cash and funds
  • Data entry
  • Developing strong partnerships with customers and suppliers
  • Review structures and procedures by suggesting improvements
  • Guarantee accuracy of financial reporting systems
  • Analyze internal revenue and expenditure system and policies
  • Assisting accounting departments with monthly or quarterly reports of financial data

How to become a purchase ledger clerk?

Notable training programs for becoming a purchase ledger clerk are provided by a range of approved training centres in the country. This training offers in-depth knowledge of a finance IT system. Moreover, it also helps the individuals to get an understanding of processing invoices and payments through accounting software. Similarly, specialized courses for reconciling intercompany balances in foreign currencies are also a part of this training.

Who should take purchase ledger clerk training?

Candidates with the following qualifications should undertake this training:

  • Knowledge of accounting software like SAGE and BACS
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook)
  • Notable experience of bookkeeping, data input, accounts payable and administration
  • An industry-recognized qualification like AAT is preferable
  • Excellent communication
  • Team working and time management skills
  • Detail-oriented

What is the Job description of purchase ledger clerk?

The job description is as follows:

  • A desk-based job with plenty of paperwork
  • Office timings are 9-5 mostly
  • People can also work as a part-time job
  • An experienced professional can quickly get promotion for a supervisor or team manager post
  • The salary ranges from £16-£24k per year, depending on the experience and qualification

How can Simply Accounting Training help?

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