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Small Business Bookkeeping Course


Bookkeeping is a method in which an individual or company’s financial transactions are recorded and stored. Such type of transactions includes the billing of goods and services provided to the customers. It is also used for handling matters related to the pay of employees, monitoring accounts, and producing financial reports. Computer software named QuickBooks undertake this task.

Bookkeeping course

The bookkeeping course teaches individuals about the process of maintaining economic payments records and reducing costs. Furthermore, it also offers training for small business owners to create a reliable bookkeeping system for their organization. It helps students to understand the concepts of double-entry and accounts preparation.

Small business bookkeeping course

Some training institutes offer bookkeeping courses to small scale business under which comes the understanding of dealing with the accounts of small business setups. Such a course will make an individual learn about the standard guidelines of accounting that will be proved beneficial for them. It will also present the utilization of inventory control by using these simple rules and regulations of accounting.

This small business bookkeeping course also comprised of various information and technologies used to record them. Apart from that, it also highlights the techniques within the company to improve and forecast cash flow and budgets. Similarly, it will teach to describe how to react to invoices for the matters related to purchasing and sales.

It will also help to explain the significance of reasonable credit control along with the active customer dealing skills. Lastly, it will provide training for daily tasks of financial operations that will be carried by a small business setup.

Benefits of the small business bookkeeping course

The course will provide the following benefits:

  • Complete knowledge of keeping records and spreadsheets
  • Efficient handling of with the invoices
  • Learning how to improve cash flows
  • Learn how to draw budgets
  • Guidance on the usage of financial accounts, stock control and wage books
  • Introduction of the credit policies and credit control methods
  • Organizing and easy to use data
  • Identifying losses and profits to run a company smoothly
  • Determining loss and benefits for smooth running of a business
  • Managing individual accounts for debtors and creditor
  • Getting an idea of bank and supplier reconciliation
  • Preparing payroll transactions

The course curriculum of the bookkeeping

The course contents of the small business bookkeeping course train the small business owners about the creation of a reliable accounting and bookkeeping system in their setups. These contents are:

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Financial Statements
  • Assets and Liabilities
  • Accounting Transactions
  • Inventory and Cost Methods
  • Stakeholders and Equity
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Costs and Expenses
  • Budgetary Control
  • Analysis and Decision Making
  • Module Book- Accounting for Small Business

Eligibility criteria for a bookkeeping course

Small business bookkeeping course is for:

  • Someone with a basic understanding of the English language
  • Clients with strong mathematical and technical skills
  • Anyone who is new and wants to pursue a career in the accounting field
  • Experienced professionals in the bookkeeping sector
  • Candidates with a bachelor's degree or an advanced degree in accounting and finance
  • Accounting workers who want to improve their skills in bookkeeping
  • Candidates who wish to have a better understanding of the business transactions and control
  • Most importantly, the owners of small business firms
  • Individuals with a deeper understanding of debits and credits, balance sheet and income statement.

A successful career path

This course paves the way for a successful career path and provides better accounting opportunities for various job roles. These are:

  • Finance Controller
  • Payroll Administrator
  • Account Clark
  • Bookkeeper
  • Bookkeeping Assistant
  • Account Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Office Manager
  • Payroll Clerk
  • Staff Accountant

Simply Accounting Training provides a reliable small business bookkeeping course

We are a professional accounting training firm based in different cities of the United Kingdom. We offer various courses of bookkeeping that are essential for providing training on dealing with the accountancy matters of small business setups. These are mainly designed to meet the employer's demands. We also make an individual learn about the principles of bookkeeping and practical knowledge for a professional working environment.

We provide a CPD approved training completion certificate that will help you boost your job hunting in bookkeeping and accountancy field. Moreover, our training centres have a friendly environment along with flexible timings.

Our highly qualified staff helps in coaching the clients by using an approach of making use of the theoretical courses and practical experience that will open pathways for a successful career. Most importantly, the clients who chose to have trained with our institution have a 100 per cent rate of securing a job in a relevant field. It ultimately shows our dedication towards enhancing your skills.

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